What Size Golf Grip Do I Need?

diagram of hand dimensions for grip sizing

Step 1: Measure Your Hand Size

Measure your hand size from the crease of your wrist to the tip of the longest finger.


Step 2: Measure Your Finger Length

Measure the length of your finger from the crease of your hand to the tip of the longest finger.


Step 3: How Do You Hold the Grip?

comparison of someone holding a Karma grip in their fingers and one holding the grip in their palm


Determine if you primarily hold the grip in your fingers or more in your palms.


Step 4: Calculate Your Suggested Grip Size


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Custom Fitting Note

The Karma Grip Sizing module is design to assist you in selecting the right size grip for your clubs. The results are based on our years of fitting expertise in showing how the values you select compare to that of averages for grip size. Because not all golfers have the exact same preference for feel, some golfers may fit into specifications that are slightly different from those we suggest. If you are seeking a complete dynamic fitting, we suggest you consult a qualified club-fitter in your area.

For more information or help: support@karmagrips.com or 800-367-8912