Grip Care

How to properly clean your golf grips

The one practice you may want to start is to regularly clean your Karma grips to provide a more slip-resistant surface and extend their life. During normal play, the soil and perspiration from your hands will either permeate the grip or lay on the outer surface to create a slick exterior. For rubber grips, the best way to clean them is with warm soapy water. Mix common liquid dishwashing soap in a bucket or in a sink. Dip a soft bristled brush into the water and start scrubbing the outer surface. Next, rinse with clean water to remove any soapy residue then allow the grip to air dry.

cleaning a red Karma golf grip with a soft nylon brush and soapy water


Cleaning synthetic over-wrap grips is accomplished slightly differently. Don’t use a brush and soapy water as you can scratch the outer surface and destroy the tackiness and slip-resistance of the grip. Instead, take a soft, clean towel moistened with water or rubbing alcohol and simply wipe the exterior surface.

DO NOT immerse any grip in a bucket of water to clean them. This will saturate the underlying layer of tape and potentially cause the grip to slip on the shaft and may even ruin the grip. In addition, it may cause a steel shaft to rust from within.

Cleaning your golf grips on-the-course

During a round of golf or out practicing on the driving range, you might experience that your grips get slick. No worries. Karma has a product tailored to keeping you grips feeling tacky once again. Karma Golf Grip Cleaning Wipes are a convenient, fast, and effortless way to clean the outer surface of your grips of dirt and grime.The resealable 15-count package easily fits inside your bag. The fast-drying formula goes to work in seconds.

person cleaning a golf grip with a Karma Grip Cleaning wipe out on the driving range