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Take a look at virtually any grip on the market you will see the manufacturer’s or grip’s name engraved somewhere on the outside body of the golf grip.  Typically that name is designed to be in the “up” position or pointing toward the toe of the club at address.  This may be in conjunction with some sort of hand placement details to assist with alignment.   This practice is done for branding purposes. Karma has broken every commandment in marketing and has come out with a new version of our most popular golf grip but without the logo in the ordinary position.  But why?

1. Adjustable Golf Clubs
There are the millions and millions of potential golf clubs on the market that need golf club re-gripped. For the past several years most OEM adjustable drivers (and even many adjustable fairway woods and hybrids) are equipped with a hosel adapter that can be removed and switched to another position to create a different lie, face angle or effective loft. However, when this occurs the name engraved on the golf grip will no longer be aligned properly at address.

2. Demo Golf Clubs
For professional club fitters, the use of logo-free grips is a wise investment if you are using a system where you interchange heads and shafts such as Club Conex especially their UNI-FIT products for brand name adjustable golf club cluheads. It is one less distraction for your customers to be concerned with so you can fit them to the best of your ability.

3. Ease of Installation
For any person new to clubmaking, their first exposure is installing a golf grip onto a golf shaft.  While seasoned clubmakers take that for granted, for a newbie this can be a daunting task to get the grip all the way onto the shaft and remember to align it properly before setting it aside to start to grip the next golf club.  So the most obvious reason is the golf grip can be installed in any direction and look like it was put on properly instead of crooked.

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