Karma Grip Installation and Re-Gripping Tips

Step 1: Attach a protective rubber shaft clamp onto the shaft. Place @ 5 inches below the bottom of the grip or where the bottom of the grip will be for new club assembly.

Step 2: Secure the club into your vise. For alignment purposes, make sure that the toe of the club is pointing upward or the grip's logo is also in the up position. Tighten with moderate force. Avoid over-tightening on graphite shafts to prevent potential damage to the shaft.

Step 3: If the club is already gripped, remove the grip at this time. Using a hooked knife blade cut the grip starting from the lower end of the grip and work toward the butt end. After the grip is cut, peel the grip from the shaft. To remove the old grip tape, heat the tape for 20 seconds with a heat gun and peel the tape from the butt end of the shaft.

Step 4 (Optional): Measure the butt end of the shaft with calipers. Consult any grip sizing chart and apply any build-up tape at this time to create custom sizing.

Step 5: Apply the tape onto the shaft. Apply the sticky side down length-wise onto the shaft if using 2” wide tape or wrap spirally if using ¾” wide tape. Make sure that about 1/2” of the tape extends beyond the butt end of the shaft. Carefully wrap the tape around the shaft, making sure it does not wrinkle. Twist the 1/2” of the tape extending beyond the shaft and push it into the butt end of the shaft.

Step 6: Lubricate the tape. At this time you may want a paint tray or catch pan underneath the taped area of the shaft to collect excess solvent. Pour or spray the tape with the solvent along it's the entire length. The wetter the tape is, the easier it will be for installation of the grip.

Step 7: Lightly lubricate the inside of the grip. Pour or mist a little solvent inside the mouth of the grip.

Step 8: Dump the excess solvent inside the grip and immediately slide the grip onto the shaft. Pinch the mouth of the grip over the shaft’s butt to get it started and push the grip all the way onto the shaft. Wipe away any tape residue from the shaft.

Step 9: Align the grip. With the club still in the vise, align the grip by twisting it until the pattern on the grip is straight and aligned upward. Immediately remove the club from the vise while the tape is still wet and place the club down with it resting in the playing position. Perform any final grip alignment at this time. Set the club aside to dry.